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Was the late Pope Jewish?

Manchester historian claims ‘considerable circumstantial evidence’ that late Pope might have been Jewish

The media misquoted me when it said last summer that I claimed the late Pope John Paul II 'was Jewish.' What Yaakov Wise actually claimed was that there was ‘considerable circumstantial evidence’ that the late Pope John Paul II might have been an ethnic Jew on his mother's side. I investigated the maternal ancestry of Karol Josez Wojtyla and found that his mother, his mother’s mother and her mother were all probably Jewish women from the small town of Biala-Bielsko, Galicia not far from Krakow where the Pope was a priest and cardinal archbishop before his election to the papacy. According to Orthodox Judaism, a person’s Jewish identity is passed down through the maternal line.

I believe the Pope’s father was an ethnic Pole, and I now believe his mother Emilia Kaczorowska (or in English: Emily Katz, born in Krakow in 1884) was probably a Jewish convert to Catholicism, the daughter of Feliks Kaczowski a businessman from Biala-Bielsko (not to be confused with Biala-Podlaska near Lublin). Katz is a common surname amongst east European Jewish families. Appropriately enough is an acronym of Kohein Zedek – the Hebrew for ‘holy priest.’ Emilia’s mother was Maria Anna (Miriam Hannah?) Scholz, born in Biala-Bielsko in 1853. Scholz (or Schulze) is also a common surname amongst Ashkenazi Jews as is Rybicka (Ryback), the surname of Zuzanna (from the Hebrew Shoshanna) Rybicka, the Pope’s maternal great-grandmother. All the names or variations of the names Katz, Scholz and Ryback appear on gravestones in the old Biala Jewish cemetery as does the surname of Felik’s mother Urszula Maklinowska.

Whilst such evidence is not in itself conclusive, it does prompt the question, was the late Pope Jewish according to the traditional Jewish view of ethnicity. It would also explain why the Pope had to go into hiding from the Nazis in November 1940. If he had been a pure ethnic Pole this would not have been necessary. Although secretly training for the priesthood this in itself was not sufficient to attract the attention of the SS. If his mother was an ethnic Jew however... It would also go a long way to explain why this Pope in particular felt a strong desire to improve relations between the Church of Rome and the Jewish people. What we shall now probably never know is how much the Pope himself knew about his own ancestry.

Maternal ancestry of the late Pope, John Paul II
(key names in bold) © Z Yaakov Wise who must be credited on publication

First Generation: Karol Jozef (Lolek) WOJTYLA was born on 18 May 1920 in Wadowice, Poland.

Second Generation (Parents): Karol WOJTYLA Sr., an Army lieutenant, was born on 18 July 1879 in Lipnik, near Bielsko, Poland and died on 18 Feb. 1941 in Kraków, Poland.
Emilia KACZOROWSKA was born on 26 March 1884 in Kraków, Poland. She died in childbirth on 13 April 1929.

Third Generation (Maternal Grandparents):
Feliks KACZOROWSKI was born 26 June 1849 in Biala (now Biala-Bielsko), Poland and died in 1908. He was a pack-saddle maker and carriage refurbisher.
Maria Anna SCHOLZ was born in 1853 and died in 1897.
Feliks KACZOROWSKI married Maria Anna SCHOLZ in 1875 in Biala, Poland. They had the following children:

Fourth Generation (Maternal Great-Grandparents):
Mikolaj KACZOROWSKI was born in Biala, Poland.
Mikolaj KACZOROWSKI and Urszula MALINOWSKA were married and had the following children:

Jan SCHOLZ was born in Biala, Poland.
Zuzanna RYBICKA was born, date unknown.
Jan SCHOLZ and Zuzanna RYBICKA were married and had the following children:
Maria Anna SCHOLZ


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Google: How JPII religion and nationality is falsyfied by ignorants.
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